Your partner in language training

Since 2001 

From the year we opened our doors, we have been driven by a clear goal: to help companies overcome the communication challenges presented by international expansion.

We are a consultancy specialised in training and preparing in-company language programmes.

The combination of cutting-edge technology, the latest pedagogic techniques, adaptable methods tailored to our clients, all led by a group of professionals committed to our clients’ success, has allowed us to gain the trust of companies of all sizes and industries, including the major IBEX 35 companies.

Consultora de formación

We offer practical solutions to learning a foreign language in the workplace.


Our courses have clear and defined content, with measurable learning objectives;


Our teachers know how to teach with enthusiasm and dynamism (we often call them ‘coaches’ more than teachers!),


Our Management and Quality Managers can fully manage your language programme, so you receive reliable and timely reports.

Our culture


We understand language training as an essential element to reach your company goals; therefore we provide training solutions aligned with your company culture and requirements.

We believe in respect and transparency as the impetus for change to create an effective training model, working with our clients to achieve defined goals and student professional development.

At Language Solutions we contribute with talent, effort and enthusiasm to achieve those goals. 


We have a team of trained managers, called Quality Control Managers, with years of experience in the organisation and planning in-company language programmes.

The Administration team and appointed Quality Control Manager will take care of all the organisation and management for your training programmes.  

They are the single point of contact for students, informing them of procedures and attendance requirements, organising class schedules and resolving any issues that may arise during the course.

Whether you entrust us with a single course or outsource your entire language training requirement to us, you will receive timely detailed information about your training courses, all the teaching content and high impact language solutions for your company. 

responsable gestión de calidad


We are proud to have a team of highly qualified teachers, who are passionate about delivering successful training.

Our teachers have worked with us for an average of four years, and some for ten years.

All of them have been hired directly by our pedagogic team, through a strict selection process.

In addition, we carry out on-going training for our teachers, offering them the latest and most cutting-edge educational techniques. 

The rating of our teachers is over 94% in the satisfaction surveys of the academic year 2019-2020; 97% of students recommend their teacher and would not hesitate to continue their training with him/her.



All our training is coordinated by our pedagogical team, directed by the Head of Studies.

Our team carries out the pedagogical control of the syllabus, offering a solid base for the training work by our teachers.

They supervise the technicalities of the course: level tests, developing the programme, undertaking periodic reviews and preparing achievement reports, amongst other tasks.

In addition, they monitor the quality of teaching, offering on-going support to our teachers: delivering seminars with the latest teaching techniques, updating materials and manuals, observing classes…



Working at Language Solutions means being a part of a creative, dynamic and passionate teaching environment. We firmly believe that the cornerstone of our service are the teachers who are part of our team.

We therefore offer a respectful and open work environment, with highly competitive terms and conditions.

Language Solutions is constantly looking to work with the best teachers and educators for our clients nationwide.