We are different because we tailor to your needs

To transform your business you need a partner. A partner who is able to bring new and innovative solutions to your training needs. A partner with deep industry knowledge, the best vision and the broadest skills.

A partner who works with you closely to help you to reach the highest level of performance. Language Solutions is the language training partner trusted by the smartest companies across all sectors.


Freelance provider:

we want to make your job easier

When you appoint us to run your language training programme, you can rest assured it is in safe hands – from our ISO approved structure, to our 20-year experience and always our passion!

We know that coordinating and managing a language programme takes a lot of time and effort, so we have our Quality Control Managers available to you. They are experts in managing language programmes in companies, and, from the word ‘go’, will take care of all the paperwork and communication (always in line with your company culture), sending you regular and thorough reports, as requested by you. 

You won’t waste your time reaching out to students about class cancellations; our Management and Quality Manager will take care of everything.

We work with you so that your staff can communicate effectively and successfully in an international environment.


Don’t just take our word for it

Language Solutions  is one of very few providers that is ISO 9001 certified: we meet the highest requirements for efficiency and quality in process management as set by the standard.

We have an integrated improvement cycle structure, which enables us to include other work elements such as environment, occupational health and safety and social responsibility.

You can rely on Language Solutions’ team and experience to manage your entire language programme. 


Training programmes tailored to your needs

We understand language training as an essential part of reaching your company goals; therefore we provide training solutions aligned with the culture and requirements of your business.

We are committed to customized and cutting-edge language training solutions; we seek maximum impact by creating educational solutions based on your needs.

Our team of pedagogical experts apply the latest educational developments and most cutting-edge pedagogic techniques in creating language training programmes for companies, combining the quality of our teachers with the latest technological innovations, so as to achieve the educational objectives set. 


Timely and thorough reporting systems

At the beginning of the course we will set up a work schedule with you, with set dates for sending in documents, starting the training programme, etc.

These KPIs allow us to measure the compliance and success of the training programme.

Whether you entrust us with a single course or outsource your language training to us, you will receive timely detailed information about your training courses, with accurate and comprehensive reports, tailored to your needs. 

The Management and Quality Manager assigned to your training course will send you monthly, quarterly and final reports on your entire study programme: student attendance, course satisfaction, overall level progress and in each of the language skills, cost per student. These are some of the reports that you will receive on time and fully tailored to your needs.

Trust the experts with your language programme. Trust Language Solutions. 


Modern Campus for Educational Management

All our students have access to Langsols Campus, a multi-platform educational management tool, where they can find their schedules and materials, class calendars, self-study exercises and course exams.

In addition, as training manager, you will have regular access to all course reports: group organisation and timetables, student attendance, their progress and final level.

Our Langsols Campus is a reliable and effective tool for managing your courses.



Quality training and subsidised

All our courses can be subsided through Fundae training credits.

We know that you have limited time available, hence we offer management of this service; we were certified as a Management Entity in 2004 and our specialised team manages many of our clients’ credits and now we would like to take care of yours.

Trust us and you will be at ease.

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