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We have 20 years’ experience training professionals in leading companies across all sectors.

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All languages in all formats


Freelance provider: we take care of everything


Native, qualified teachers with at least 5 years’ experience


Clear programmes and defined KPI’s


Fundae manager since 2008.


ISO 9001 quality certificate.


94% student satisfaction.

high impact solutions

At Language Solutions we are committed to personalised and pioneering language training solutions; we seek maximum impact creating solutions based on your needs.  


Are your employees geographically spread out? Or do their schedules clash? Our online classes, in groups or individuals, are the solution. 


We train our students to be able to receive international calls and participate in calls with ease and fluency, in 30-minute sessions. 


Russian language training in Tenerife? Brazilian Portuguese lessons for an executive in Estepona? These are some of our clients’ needs that we have addressed. 


High impact courses to improve specific areas in business communication (presentations, financial English, international negotiations). 


Are your staff not able to participate in international meetings even though your company has spent years investing in language training? Leave it to our team of teachers to improve your language programme. 


Self-study is a very powerful learning tool, although the main risk is getting demotivated and giving up. Our online course attains a 95% completion rate. 

So much color

A unique English course

So Much Colour has been designed specifically for Spanish-speaking professionals who use English as an international communication language. We know that you have limited time so the course is very practical. 

To keep it interesting, So Much Colour has been created like a TV series – we will follow the experiences of Diego Buesa, an engineer from Bilbao who travels to Montreal to join a carbonated beverage company. As well as work situations, Diego will go through adventures and romances, intrigue…there are even superheroes!


* Based on data from academic year 2019-20

  • Average class attendance – 98%
  • Level progress- 83%
  • Student satisfaction – 94%


Don’t just take our word for it. Our management and teaching methods are guaranteed by the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

Reports are sent on time, with detailed, comprehensive and accurate information on the training given. The training course documents allow traceability and ensure course quality.

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Client Satisfaction

Room Mate needs a dynamic and flexible training course which fits with our company philosophy. Language Solution has provided us with this flexibility, with a thorough training programme and excellent teachers. We are highly satisfied with their service.

Room Mate

Language Solutions is Cespa’s language training partner. They have helped us in establishing and delivering a new language training model, tailored to our company culture. 


Language Solutions is the BAUHAUS provider in all the centres in Spain. We note their personalised manner, as well as their effective management and training programmes, which are thorough and tailored to our needs. Also, our students enjoy the classes!


We offer language training to all our employees to contribute to their professional development. We sought a reputable provider that knows how to tailor to our business; hence we work with Language Solutions in our Barcelona centre, providing English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese classes. We are very satisfied; their manner is very personalised, they adapt to our needs and the teaching staff are of high quality.

Rosa Clará

For us, Language Solutions is a model language service, in terms of both the quality of teaching and efficiency of the Client Manager. The Client Manager knows how to quickly manage all our needs, something which is essential to the service. In addition, all of our students are very satisfied with the classes.


Language Solutions provides us with online group and individual classes, plus telephone classes for our directors. We highlight the quality of the teachers and the programme, as well as their flexibility in organising and managing the classes.


We rely on Language Solutions for English, French and German training; we note their rapid reply and flexibility in organising all our training. The students are very satisfied with their progress, the classes are very enjoyable and focussed on the language they need for work. We are very happy with their service.


Language Solutions provides English and Portuguese at DÍA. They tailor to our needs and meet our quality standards. We highlight their excellent teachers and their quick and adaptable response. 


I work in a multinational company where we often have business meetings with colleagues from other countries and English is the working language. Despite my technical knowledge, my participation has always been minimal as my English level was basic and I didn’t dare to say anything in case I made a fool of myself. Over a year I had two face-to-face classes per week with two native teachers from Language Solutions, with amazing results. After 6 months I started to speak in meetings and today I actively took part in them.


Language Solutions has been our language partner since 2016. We trust them to train our employees and we note the quality of their teaching staff and their ability to adapt to our training needs.

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